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Funding & finance

Various solar products that are on the market

Plug-and-play solar products

Integrated solar solutions

Solar system components

Appliances for use with solar systems

Solar businesses & organizations

Other info


The resources are also listed under region categories:


Developing Asia and Oceania

 Afghanistan  Laos  Philippines
 Bangladesh Mongolia - flag Mongolia Samoa flag Samoa
 Cambodia  Myanmar  Sri Lanka
East Timor flag East Timor   Nepal Thailand - flag Thailand
Fiji flag Fiji  North Korea Vanuatu flag Vanuatu
 India  Pakistan  Vietnam
 Indonesia Papua New Guinea - flag Papua New Guinea



 Angola  Ghana  Senegal
 Benin  Guinea-Bissau  Sierra Leone
 Botswana  Kenya Somalia flag Somalia
 Burkina Faso Liberia - flag Liberia  South Africa
Burundi flag Burundi  Madagascar  South Sudan
 Cameroon  Malawi  Sudan
 Congo  Mali  Tanzania
 Cote d’Ivoire  Mozambique  Togo
 DR Congo  Namibia  Uganda
 Eritrea Niger - flag Niger  Zambia
 Ethiopia  Nigeria  Zimbabwe
Gambia flag Gambia  Rwanda


Latin America

Argentina - flag Argentina  El Salvador  Nicaragua
Brazil - flag Brazil  Guatemala  Panama
 Bolivia  Haiti  Peru
Colombia - flag Colombia  Honduras Suriname flag Suriname
Ecuador - flag Ecuador  Mexico


Middle East

 Iran  Palestinian territories  Yemen
 Iraq  Syria

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