Producing your own designed product

So, you saw all these products that are on the market, but think you can make something even better?

..Great!!! Hope the information below can help:


Developing a prototype

Seeed // SainSmart // Arduino // Tindie

Ponoko (3D printing) // SketchUp


Producing in China

Quality Inspection Tips // China Sourcing Information Center // Jacob Yount’s insights // procurAsia

– Quality control by Sofeast or InTouch

– Factory and process improvement by China Manufacturing Consultants (CNC)

Labor conditions auditing (please be sure to check it and take action!!!)

Due diligence (in Chinese only) // Supplier Blacklist // China Checkup // Harris Moure

– Lab testing and certifications by TUV


Logistics (China related)

Tide (Shanghai area)

Long Sail (Shenzhen area)

JMD Logistics (can handle airfreight of solar kits with batteries)


Funding resources

– Listed here


Still have questions or feeling a bit puzzled?

That’s fine, simply contact us and we will try to further help.


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